Annual Health Screening

On Tuesday we had a health screening at work. Looks like I’ll live for another year. I had some interesting numbers. I had a very strenuous workout on Tuesday morning (see post below) so I actually ate two breakfasts before the screening. So the cholesterol and glucose numbers are non-fasting numbers. Oh, and one more [...]

Tebow, Freedom of Speech and Irony

It was curious to watch all of the furor last week (and the week before) about a commercial that was to air during the Super Bowl. This commercial was to feature Tim Tebow and his Mom, Pam. That was all that was known about the commercial. Oh wait, there was one other thing that was [...]

My new bike carrier

We are getting ready to head to Minocqua, WI for our extended family vacation that we take every other. The whole clan will be there. Well, I started cycling just over 2 years ago and last time we went I had a hard time figuring out how to carry our bikes up there as we [...]

Hello world!

Hello world. After God and my family the three things I like most are singing, songwriting and cycling. Sooo…that’s what this will be about. My family, my songs, and my singin’.

OK then..