Favorite Birthday Cake Ever!

I had a great birthday weekend. My Mom & Step Dad were in town on their way back from Florida. So that was special. I was able to get out for an hour bike ride in the morning which was a nice treat. And then I got to watch Leah play basketball on Saturday afternoon [...]

Training – Month of November

My plan for November was to slowly build my fitness back up after being sick for nearly all of October. I wanted to add a little more volume with moderate intensity and I pretty much succeeded as my CTL (fitness level) started at 48 and ended the month at 67 . In fact I have [...]

Tandem love

Daddy & his stoker at Cheatham Dam Park

Yesterday we went for a family ride. Leah and me on the tandem and Nancy on her bike. It was a nice leisurely pace.  It was a beautiful day. Beyond beautiful and we hit the Cumberland River Bicentennial trail again. This is quickly becoming our favorite family [...]

A weekend of big spending, gluttony and a lot of fun!

Leah had her Fall break from school on 10/16 & 10/19 so we decided to take a long weekend family trip. This was also a combined celebration of Nancy’s and my 20th anniversary and Nancy’s birthday. I got a great deal on rooms at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta so we booked 3 nights there. We got a [...]

Training week ended 9/19/2009

I bit of a lighter week again but a little more than last week. Ended the week with a 2 hour trainer session on Saturday morning due to the rain. I had the roller pressed too tight against my rear wheel so I did more work than the numbers indicated. Oh well, I still got [...]

Training – two weeks ended 9/12/2009

Been a bit busy so I haven’t posted my weekly summary for a couple of weeks. Week ended 9/5 ended with the Sunrise Century in Clarksville, TN. I had a goal of finishing in 5:20:00 saddle time and under 6:00:00 total time. I crashed at mile 82 of the 100 miles (more details in my [...]

New family toy

Well, as I finished the 100 mile ride last Saturday I crossed the finish line to the cheering of Nancy and Leah. I noticed Leah was sitting on a bike. Well I hobbled over exhausted and bleeding (see story in my training blog) from the ride and crash and there were some guys selling an [...]

Training week ended 8/29/2009

Taper week 1. Went a little hard on the Saturday ride and set a personal best for aparticular course. Couldn’t help myself and it felt good!

Here are the numbers:

107.81 miles, 5:46:35, 4509 ft ascent, 222 watts avg power, 148 bpm avg hr, 5000 calories.

CTL (fitness level) is now at 82 and TSB (balance between fitness and [...]

Training week ended 8/22/2009

Finshed the week off with a CTL of 82 and TSB at -19. I am in the taper phase for my target event (Sunrise Century on 9/5). The goal for the taper over the next two weeks is to try to keep my CTL (fitness) up to 80+ and get the TSB (training strass) to [...]

Training week ended 8/15/2009

This ended a good training week. I’m trying to boost my fitness for the Sunrise Century ride on 9/5. I’d like to finish it in under 5.5 hours (really shooting for 5:20-5:25) of riding time. Not sure if the fitness is there yet. But I’m giving it a heck of a try. On a good [...]