Training – month of July

Wasn’t a great month for training hours. Due to travel. I especially missed out on my longer Saturday rides. Although the weekends were fun family time! CTL (fitness level) dropped from 79 at the beginning of the month to a low of 60 by the end of our vacation trip to Northern WI. Even though [...]

My new bike carrier

We are getting ready to head to Minocqua, WI for our extended family vacation that we take every other. The whole clan will be there. Well, I started cycling just over 2 years ago and last time we went I had a hard time figuring out how to carry our bikes up there as we [...]

Training – Week ended 7/4/2009

A pretty dismal week trainingwise due to travel. I ended up with only just short of 3 hours. Better than nothing I guess. Here are the totals for the week.

54.28 miles, 2:53:45, 1846 ft climbing, 213 watts avg power, 142 bpm avg hr, 2422 calories

Next week won’t be a whole lot better due to more [...]

Week ended 6/27/2009 & month of June

I took it easy during the week after big miles (for me) last week. Plus I new I had a hot century ride coming up on Saturday. You can read more about that ride on my training blog .  Also ended June with my biggest month ever in miles and hours on the  bike. [...]

Training – Week Ended 6/20/2009

A big big week for me. At least by my standards. On vacation in Wisconsin this week and I set a goal for myself of at least 15 hours and 250 miles. I had a great week of riding and hanging out with my Mom, Step-Dad, Sister and Daughter. You can see more detail of [...]

Training Week Ended 6/13/2009

A bit of a rest week for me this week. Tried to cut down the volume and intensity a bit to give my legs a little break and get ready to give the a beating next week. In fact looking forward to two bigger volume weeks in a row.

57.11 miles, 3:04:25, 2,032 ft ascent, 214 [...]

Training for week ended 6/6/2009

I got about 4 hours in this week. Would have like 6 or 7, but a little extra sleep this week felt good! Next week is an easier week. Maybe not so much in time, but certainly in intensity. No rides above tempo pace next week and more days off.

90.52 miles, 4:53:28, 4,267 ft ascent, [...]

Great training week 5/30/2009

Had a wonderful week of training. It helped that Monday was a holiday . Got a good amount of training and some good intensity. My typical target is between 6-8 hours a week. So I was able to go a little above and beyond this week. Plus I made some new personal bests this [...]

Training for week ended 5/23/2009

A little less this week than I wanted. Mostly due to it being cold earlier in the week and me not wanting to get out of a warm bed on Tuesday morning LOL. But I got a fair amount of intensity this week. So it was a decent week.

102.26 miles, 5:25:42, 4,408 ft ascent, 226 [...]

Training pretty good this week

Well, since we are going out of town AGAIN this weekend I will not get a chance for a ride on Saturday. Saturdays are usually my only chance to get a long training ride in and often accounts for half of my training time on the bike. SO – I had a goal this week to get [...]