Lady Vols – Game 5

Whew doggie! This was a close game. This was a rematch of game 1. I warned Leah after they played this team the first time (and beat them handily) to not get too comfortable. Leah played for this coach her first year in Upward basketball and I remember a game that they got beat pretty [...]

Lady Vols - Game 4

Well, I guess this was actually game 5, but game 4 was canceled last week because of the snow. The Lady Vols did it again. This was the toughest game they have had so far. It was actually pretty close for the first half of the game but in the second half the Lady [...]

My Baby Turned One Decade

It’s hard to believe I have a 10 year old on more than one level. First, at 47 it would be more likely that I have 20 year old! But still, it seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. I know it sounds cliche but it is so true. I remember [...]

Favorite Birthday Cake Ever!

I had a great birthday weekend. My Mom & Step Dad were in town on their way back from Florida. So that was special. I was able to get out for an hour bike ride in the morning which was a nice treat. And then I got to watch Leah play basketball on Saturday afternoon [...]

Lady Vols - Game 3

Leah’s Upward Basketball team, The Lady Vols, had their 3rd game yesterday. Again, they towered over the opposing team. However the opposing team gave the Lady Vols fits for the first half. However, the second half was a different story. The Lady Vols exploded and their defense was tough. Final score was about 32-2. I [...]

Lady Vols Upward Style

Leah’s Upward Basketball team is “The Lady Vols” this year. I’m not quite sure how they selected the teams but somehow or other Leah is on a team of giants. She is the fourth tallest girl on the team. She is used to being the tallest. Usually by quite a bit. The first two teams [...]

Santa Is Dead

Well, sadly, it happened last night. I picked up Leah from school and she asked, “Do you like cookies?” I answered, “Yes, why?”. Then she asked, “Do you like milk?”. Again I answered, “Yes?” Then she asked, “Do you like frosted cookies with red hots?” Well, I knew where this was going now. I tried [...]

Middle School? REALLY?

Sheesh. We went and toured the middle/high school that Leah will be attending starting next year. How on earth did that happen? 5th grade? She is almost half way through 4th grade now so it is really coming up fast. She was so excited to see the school. She is already looking forward to next [...]

Tandem love

Daddy & his stoker at Cheatham Dam Park

Yesterday we went for a family ride. Leah and me on the tandem and Nancy on her bike. It was a nice leisurely pace.  It was a beautiful day. Beyond beautiful and we hit the Cumberland River Bicentennial trail again. This is quickly becoming our favorite family [...]

A weekend of big spending, gluttony and a lot of fun!

Leah had her Fall break from school on 10/16 & 10/19 so we decided to take a long weekend family trip. This was also a combined celebration of Nancy’s and my 20th anniversary and Nancy’s birthday. I got a great deal on rooms at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta so we booked 3 nights there. We got a [...]