Great training week 5/30/2009

Had a wonderful week of training. It helped that Monday was a holiday . Got a good amount of training and some good intensity. My typical target is between 6-8 hours a week. So I was able to go a little above and beyond this week. Plus I made some new personal bests this [...]

Training for week ended 5/23/2009

A little less this week than I wanted. Mostly due to it being cold earlier in the week and me not wanting to get out of a warm bed on Tuesday morning LOL. But I got a fair amount of intensity this week. So it was a decent week.

102.26 miles, 5:25:42, 4,408 ft ascent, 226 [...]

Training pretty good this week

Well, since we are going out of town AGAIN this weekend I will not get a chance for a ride on Saturday. Saturdays are usually my only chance to get a long training ride in and often accounts for half of my training time on the bike. SO – I had a goal this week to get [...]

First official race results

The results have officially been posted for my first bike race on May 2. I officially finished 28 out of 33 and 3 more did not finish. So I definitely wasn’t last and not even second to last .

Bad week of training

Ok…I was supposed to get up at 5 AM to train this morning. Thuderstorms woke me up several times last night so I didn’t get a good night’s sleep so I slept in. This caps off a miserable week of training. A whopping 1.5 hours this week when I am aiming at 6-8 hours a [...]

Songwriting vs. Cycling

Over the course of the next several months I spent more and more time cycling and less and less time writing. It wasn’t a concious decision. It just sort of happened. So here I sit two years later analyzing [...]

“Shady Grove” by Leah Scott

I was priviledged to be able to accompany my 9 year old daughter in her voice recital. She volunteered me to her voice instructor. Anyway it was a blast and we had a great time rehearsing and performing this song.

My first ever bicycle race

I entered my first bike race today. 24 mile Sumner County Classic Road Race. Sorry, no pictures. It was kind of chilly and wet so I pretty much finished up and got into dry cloths. I don’t know my exact results yet. I didn’t make the top 20 which were posted at the race sight [...]

Hello world!

Hello world. After God and my family the three things I like most are singing, songwriting and cycling. Sooo…that’s what this will be about. My family, my songs, and my singin’.

OK then..