Training week ended 8/29/2009

Taper week 1. Went a little hard on the Saturday ride and set a personal best for aparticular course. Couldn’t help myself and it felt good!

Here are the numbers:

107.81 miles, 5:46:35, 4509 ft ascent, 222 watts avg power, 148 bpm avg hr, 5000 calories.

CTL (fitness level) is now at 82 and TSB (balance between fitness and [...]

Training week ended 8/22/2009

Finshed the week off with a CTL of 82 and TSB at -19. I am in the taper phase for my target event (Sunrise Century on 9/5). The goal for the taper over the next two weeks is to try to keep my CTL (fitness) up to 80+ and get the TSB (training strass) to [...]

Training week ended 8/15/2009

This ended a good training week. I’m trying to boost my fitness for the Sunrise Century ride on 9/5. I’d like to finish it in under 5.5 hours (really shooting for 5:20-5:25) of riding time. Not sure if the fitness is there yet. But I’m giving it a heck of a try. On a good [...]

Training – month of July

Wasn’t a great month for training hours. Due to travel. I especially missed out on my longer Saturday rides. Although the weekends were fun family time! CTL (fitness level) dropped from 79 at the beginning of the month to a low of 60 by the end of our vacation trip to Northern WI. Even though [...]