First solo at church in a while

I haven’t written much here musicwise since the blog started. That’s because there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about. For those that don’t know me well, I sing in the Chapel Praise Choir at The Peoples’ Church in Franklin, TN. At times they are kind enough to let me get up and do [...]

Training week ended 9/19/2009

I bit of a lighter week again but a little more than last week. Ended the week with a 2 hour trainer session on Saturday morning due to the rain. I had the roller pressed too tight against my rear wheel so I did more work than the numbers indicated. Oh well, I still got [...]

Training – two weeks ended 9/12/2009

Been a bit busy so I haven’t posted my weekly summary for a couple of weeks. Week ended 9/5 ended with the Sunrise Century in Clarksville, TN. I had a goal of finishing in 5:20:00 saddle time and under 6:00:00 total time. I crashed at mile 82 of the 100 miles (more details in my [...]

New family toy

Well, as I finished the 100 mile ride last Saturday I crossed the finish line to the cheering of Nancy and Leah. I noticed Leah was sitting on a bike. Well I hobbled over exhausted and bleeding (see story in my training blog) from the ride and crash and there were some guys selling an [...]