Santa Is Dead

Well, sadly, it happened last night. I picked up Leah from school and she asked, “Do you like cookies?” I answered, “Yes, why?”. Then she asked, “Do you like milk?”. Again I answered, “Yes?” Then she asked, “Do you like frosted cookies with red hots?” Well, I knew where this was going now. I tried [...]

Middle School? REALLY?

Sheesh. We went and toured the middle/high school that Leah will be attending starting next year. How on earth did that happen? 5th grade? She is almost half way through 4th grade now so it is really coming up fast. She was so excited to see the school. She is already looking forward to next [...]

Tandem love

Daddy & his stoker at Cheatham Dam Park

Yesterday we went for a family ride. Leah and me on the tandem and Nancy on her bike. It was a nice leisurely pace.  It was a beautiful day. Beyond beautiful and we hit the Cumberland River Bicentennial trail again. This is quickly becoming our favorite family [...]