Favorite Birthday Cake Ever!

I had a great birthday weekend. My Mom & Step Dad were in town on their way back from Florida. So that was special. I was able to get out for an hour bike ride in the morning which was a nice treat. And then I got to watch Leah play basketball on Saturday afternoon [...]

Lady Vols - Game 3

Leah’s Upward Basketball team, The Lady Vols, had their 3rd game yesterday. Again, they towered over the opposing team. However the opposing team gave the Lady Vols fits for the first half. However, the second half was a different story. The Lady Vols exploded and their defense was tough. Final score was about 32-2. I [...]

Lady Vols Upward Style

Leah’s Upward Basketball team is “The Lady Vols” this year. I’m not quite sure how they selected the teams but somehow or other Leah is on a team of giants. She is the fourth tallest girl on the team. She is used to being the tallest. Usually by quite a bit. The first two teams [...]