Lady Vols – Game 6

High res pics can be found in my gallery

The Lady Vols did it again and are still undefeated. Final score 48-18. While, as I mentioned in previous posts, it hardly seems fair as this team is so much bigger than the other teams they have played this season, it has been fun to watch the [...]

Bootleg Video – Chapel Praise

I had a solo yesterday in the Chapel Praise service at The Peoples Church. A song I enjoy singing for the worship service. It was the opener and a fitting one at that. I gave Leah my phone and she made a “bootleg” video of part of the performance. Although the sound quality isn’t good [...]

Annual Health Screening

On Tuesday we had a health screening at work. Looks like I’ll live for another year. I had some interesting numbers. I had a very strenuous workout on Tuesday morning (see post below) so I actually ate two breakfasts before the screening. So the cholesterol and glucose numbers are non-fasting numbers. Oh, and one more [...]

Lady Vols – Game 5

Whew doggie! This was a close game. This was a rematch of game 1. I warned Leah after they played this team the first time (and beat them handily) to not get too comfortable. Leah played for this coach her first year in Upward basketball and I remember a game that they got beat pretty [...]

Tebow, Freedom of Speech and Irony

It was curious to watch all of the furor last week (and the week before) about a commercial that was to air during the Super Bowl. This commercial was to feature Tim Tebow and his Mom, Pam. That was all that was known about the commercial. Oh wait, there was one other thing that was [...]

Lady Vols - Game 4

Well, I guess this was actually game 5, but game 4 was canceled last week because of the snow. The Lady Vols did it again. This was the toughest game they have had so far. It was actually pretty close for the first half of the game but in the second half the Lady [...]

Our Family

Ok. This is a rare treat. My lovely bride does not like to have her picture taken. She avoids cameras like the plague. And if we do, indeed capture her on “film” she’s very picky about the pictures that she wants anyone to see. I think she looks fantastic in any picture. So there. Anyway [...]

My Baby Turned One Decade

It’s hard to believe I have a 10 year old on more than one level. First, at 47 it would be more likely that I have 20 year old! But still, it seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. I know it sounds cliche but it is so true. I remember [...]