Tandem love

Daddy & his stoker at Cheatham Dam Park

Daddy & his stoker at Cheatham Dam Park

Yesterday we went for a family ride. Leah and me on the tandem and Nancy on her bike. It was a nice leisurely pace.  It was a beautiful day. Beyond beautiful and we hit the Cumberland River Bicentennial trail again. This is quickly becoming our favorite family ride location. The Cumberland River is almost always in view and the scenery is just marvelous. We will probably be hitting this trail a lot in the future.

I freaked Leah out a little bit during the ride. Part of the trail is crushed gravel which wasn’t a problem. But there was one section where there was a quick dip and rise on the other side through a gully. It also turned sharply at the bottom. Keep in mind that combined rider and bike weight is probably in the neighborhood of 330 lbs. I’ll preface this with the statement that we should have walked the bike down (and we did on the return trip).  So we start down this descent as slowly as gravity will allow 330 lbs of flesh and metal to go. Front break is worthless as it starts making the front wheel slide out. I had to basically use the rear drum break to skid the back end around to make the corner. We made it. But Leah was a bit freaked but impressed with her Dad’s mad bike handling skills :D . Another few minutes down the trail I confided in her. I said, “Guess what sweetie pie? Daddy was a little freaked out back there too!”

This time we took the trail all the way to the end (including a small stretch of flat grass single track). We found a beautiful park and campground right on the Cumberland River. This was a great bonus. The picture above is from that park. We sat and enjoyed the scenery for 10 minutes or so but had to turn around as we were racing daylight to get back to the van. We changed real quick and got in the van and headed out to eat dinner. It was a wonderful end to the weekend.

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