Santa Is Dead

deadsantaWell, sadly, it happened last night. I picked up Leah from school and she asked, “Do you like cookies?” I answered, “Yes, why?”. Then she asked, “Do you like milk?”. Again I answered, “Yes?” Then she asked, “Do you like frosted cookies with red hots?” Well, I knew where this was going now. I tried to evade her questions. But she grilled me like a seasoned trial lawyer. I managed to put her off until we got home. Then Nancy and I figured it was time to tell her.

First it was the Middle School visit on Sunday and now this. It isn’t going to end is it? I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand it’s natural and a sign she is growing up. She took it well and was happy we told her and she is excited to be able to help play Santa with her younger cousins. I knew this was coming. But on the other hand I was hoping for one more year of having Santa come for Christmas. One more year of this symbol of innocence. Alas, it wasn’t to be. Hear that faint cadence in the background? That’s time marching on.

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