Training – Month of November

hrr2009smallMy plan for November was to slowly build my fitness back up after being sick for nearly all of October. I wanted to add a little more volume with moderate intensity and I pretty much succeeded as my CTL (fitness level) started at 48 and ended the month at 67 . In fact I have only ridden more miles and hours in two other months since I started riding ( June & August of this year). I definitely felt my fitness and power starting to come back by the end of the month. I also got to do my first riding with my new team. Unfortunately, I caused a crash on one of those rides. Oooopsies. Well they are still letting me ride with them.

Here are the numbers:

430.66 miles, 25:57:28, 17,110 ft ascent, 174 watts avg power, 147 bpm avg hr, 17887 calories.

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