Lady Vols Upward Style

Leah’s Upward Basketball team is “The Lady Vols” this year. I’m not quite sure how they selected the teams but somehow or other Leah is on a team of giants. She is the fourth tallest girl on the team. She is used to being the tallest. Usually by quite a bit. The first two teams they played were a whole lot shorter. It really didn’t seem fair. However, the girls really have started to work together well. The major impact of the height difference is that The Lady Vols can dominate the rebounding just by accident.

Leah is also getting more confident and aggressive (in a good way) in her games. We have been urging her to do this for the last two years and she seems to be getting there now. It was a just great to watch. At one point she ended up tossing another girl to the ground when going for a loose ball that they got to at the same time. Leah grabbed the ball and so did this other, more diminutive, girl. Leah tried to rip it away and the other girl wouldn’t let go and something had to give! I was proud of her. Not for giving the other girl a tumble but for going after the loose balls aggressively. All was good in this case. Both girls were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing.

So “The Lady Vols” are undefeated so far. They one their first game 38-6 and the second game 48-22. I told Leah not to get to confident. They could yet run into a team that has a lot of really fast ball handlers, great shooters and at least a couple of taller girls. They could have their hands full in that case. I hope they come up against a tough challenge. It will be fun to watch them try to come together to overcome a challenge.

Go Lady Vols!

See slide show to the above. You can click to get to full resolution pics.

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