Lady Vols - Game 3

Leah’s Upward Basketball team, The Lady Vols, had their 3rd game yesterday. Again, they towered over the opposing team. However the opposing team gave the Lady Vols fits for the first half. However, the second half was a different story. The Lady Vols exploded and their defense was tough. Final score was about 32-2. I say about because once a team is up by 20 in this league they stop the scoring until the other team scores. So there is some room for error in the reckoning. The highlight of the game was the one basket the other team made. It was in the final period. One of our girls eased up on one of the smaller girls on the other team and let her shoot and she made it. The parents from both teams erupted with a cheer. So the Lady Vols gave me a great birthday present with a good game. Now, maybe the Vikings can give me another birthday present with a win over the Saints in a few hours!

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