Favorite Birthday Cake Ever!

I had a great birthday weekend. My Mom & Step Dad were in town on their way back from Florida. So that was special. I was able to get out for an hour bike ride in the morning which was a nice treat. And then I got to watch Leah play basketball on Saturday afternoon which was another nice treat. Then for a bonus I was able to sneak out for another hour bike ride before we went to dinner. Although it was windy it was still a treat! I burned off  1,700 calories in anticipation of dinner and it turned out I needed every one of those calories!

I chose Stoney River in Cool Springs for dinner. I LOVE their prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes (with creamy horseradish added) and their rolls that almost taste like doughnut holes. I ate BIG and enjoyed every bite. Then they brought me out a desert for my birthday. We split it 5 ways. No way I could have choked that whole thing down as good as it was. I’m pretty sure I put back every one of those 1,700 calories and probably then some in that sitting. But worth it!

Then on my actual birthday on Sunday my daughter, Leah, came into the bedroom to wake me up and I was treated to a wonderful “Happy Birthday Daddy!” Then when I got to rehearsal for the Chapel Praise Choir at The Peoples’ Church my friends in the choir regaled Andy Justice (he must be a genius as all born on 1/24 are)  and me with a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday. Plus the whole family was present at the Chapel Praise service. Parents, Wife, Daughter. The whole crew. That made it very special.

Eggs Benedict for brunch and then on home to watch some football! I had high hopes that my beloved Vikings would make it to the Superbowl. They really should have except for 5 turnovers, several of which were stupid and in very bad spots. And then we had my favorite cake. Chocolate cake with butterscotch frosting. It was a combo birthday cake for Leah and me (her birthday is 1/31). At least that used to be my favorite cake. As I was watching football and going over pictures from her basketball game on Saturday Leah decided she wanted to do something special for me. So she made her own homemade cake for me and decorated it. See the picture at the beginning of this post. Mind you, it wasn’t for consumption. But the thought and labor were all hers and it was so special. She is so sweet and an absolute joy to her Dad. This is now my favorite birthday cake ever.

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