My Baby Turned One Decade

IMG_1188It’s hard to believe I have a 10 year old on more than one level. First, at 47 it would be more likely that I have 20 year old! But still, it seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital. I know it sounds cliche but it is so true. I remember I was hyper sensitive driving home. So nervous that someone would run into us and we would wreck with our new precious package in the back seat. And now this!

The celebrations started one week earlier when Grandma and Grandpa were here. We made a big old double layer chocolate cake with butterscotch frosting. It was delicious. So then we celebrated Leah’s birthday with Grandma and Grandpa while they were in town.

Then, as fate would have it weather set in and Leah’s birthday weekend started a day early (and it turns out extended a day longer as well) as school was closed on Friday and now today (some pics of the snow included in this photo album). On Saturday night Leah picked her favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot, to celebrate her birthday and her straight A report card (once again). The fondue was fabulous as usual! We always have a great time there.

Sunday was her actual Birthday and we had her party scheduled at the Franklin Family Fun Center for a bowling party. She had invited 6 other kids but only 3 showed. That turned out just fine. We got the 4 kids set up and then Nancy and I took the other lane and bowled 3 lines as well! Fun for everyone. Pizza and a giant cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company was the party fare. Yum! A good time was had by all. Franklin Family Fun Center treated us very well and we definitely would go back there for a party.

One special part of Leah’s Birthday had to do with one present we gave her. She had expressed an interest in learning how to play guitar. She has a little guitar we got her when she was really young. It was good for beating around on when she was little but I don’t think it would be a great guitar to learn how to play on. Several years ago I was gifted a very nice Martin HD-35 that replaced an Ovation Celebrity that I had been playing. The ovation was very special as it was my first decent acoustic guitar that got me started songwriting and performing again. I actually had to sell my trumpet to get this guitar. My trumpet was big part of my life for many years. I was even a music major on the trumpet in college and played in the college jazz ensemble. While that only lasted about a year before I headed in another direction, I had accomplished quite a lot on that trumpet in my High School and early college years. So with all of that history wrapped up in this guitar it was very special to me to pass it along to my daughter where I hope she will learn how to play it. If her piano lessons are any indicator, she will be better than me on the guitar in no time. I hope that is the case!

Happy Birthday Leah! Mom & Dad are very proud of you!

P.S. You should be able to click on the picture above to go to the photo album of the Birthday Girl.

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