Tebow, Freedom of Speech and Irony

It was curious to watch all of the furor last week (and the week before) about a commercial that was to air during the Super Bowl. This commercial was to feature Tim Tebow and his Mom, Pam. That was all that was known about the commercial. Oh wait, there was one other thing that was known. The commercial time was purchased by Focus on the Family.

Once this news was leaked left wing nut jobs came out of the woodwork. NOW, NARAL and Pro-Choice America to name a few. There were people talking about suing CBS to not air the commercial. There were anti commercial commercials produced. Even Gloria Allred felt the need to get more face time on Fox News and claim she would lodge a complaint with CBS. There was labeling the commercial as an “anti-abortion” commercial and protests from the usual suspects and the typical uninformed blathering from the talking heads on TV. Again, I’ll mention, none of these people saw the commercial until it was aired.

So is this what the left and the mainstream media consider to be freedom of speech? This sounds like a restaurant that has an all you can eat buffet sign posted out front. Then when you get up to load up a second plate a big dude comes out of the back, stands between you and the buffet, flexes his biceps and tells you, “that’s all you can eat.” So I guess if I’m a lefty you are free to speak as long as you agree with me? Otherwise just shut the heck up! Or even if I THINK you don’t agree with me just shut the heck up. Unfortunately it seems this is the way the press and government are heading. Especially on the left. If this is true then be afraid. Be very afraid. Or better yet get off your duff and do something about it!

The irony is that the left wing loonies that caused this ruckus actually played the biggest role, in my opinion, of making this a successful commercial. In my opinion, the commercial itself was cute but may not have really stood out that much in the whole scheme of things if all of the publicity would not have preceded it. Just a side thought. Was this a masterful play by Focus on the Family or just a bit of karma (if you believe in that kind of thing).The commercial could not possibly have been offensive to anyone in their right mind. Good job NOW, NARAL, Pro-Choice America & Gloria Allred for promoting this commercial. Maybe this was a good lesson to you all on the First Amendment. You remember what that is right?

If you missed the commercial you can see it here

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