Lady Vols – Game 5

Whew doggie! This was a close game. This was a rematch of game 1. I warned Leah after they played this team the first time (and beat them handily) to not get too comfortable. Leah played for this coach her first year in Upward basketball and I remember a game that they got beat pretty badly and then came back and beat the other team in the rematch. This coach knows what he is doing and does a great job getting his girls ready for games. He also does a great job making sure his girls are drilled on the fundamentals that will allow them to keep playing better as the season progresses. Well it turns out that I was right. This was the toughest game they had this season. Although the other team was much shorter than the “Lady Vols” they played very aggressively and were just plain tough.They were a totally different team than the first game.

The Lady Vols never trailed but the game was within two to four points for all of the first half. Our girls were not used to things being this close. The lead was 4 points at half time. The aggressive play of the other team had our girls on a bit on their heels the first half. In the second half the Lady Vols came out a little tougher. I could tell the girls had found some determination. It showed on their faces. Our girls opened up a 7 point lead at one point in the second half and the lead stayed between 3 and 7 point in the second half. The final score ended up 23-18. Leah contributed 6 points, a pair of rebounds, a steal or two and a few blocked shots. She had a good game on their toughest game of the year. Good job Leah & good job Lady Vols!

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