Annual Health Screening

Health ScreeningOn Tuesday we had a health screening at work. Looks like I’ll live for another year. I had some interesting numbers. I had a very strenuous workout on Tuesday morning (see post below) so I actually ate two breakfasts before the screening. So the cholesterol and glucose numbers are non-fasting numbers. Oh, and one more note. I am pretty sure I have “white coat syndrome” when I get my blood pressure tested. I get MUCH MUCH lower readings when I do it at home. But I am going to be talking to a doctor to make sure I get accurate monitoring at home.

Blood Pressure: Last year 160/82 (whoa). This year 140/90 (better but not great)

Total Cholesterol: Last year 118. This year 137. Though the total number is up I’m not concerned as most of the increase is due to an increase in HDL which was low last year (see below) and still WELL below 200.

HDL: Last year 28. This year 42. Yay! Last year the screener joked that I needed to eat some more cheeseburgers LOL. What I did, however, is increase my Omega 3,6 & 9 EFAs and, of course, kept up my cycling training.

Blood glucose: Last year 75. This year 61. The screener had shocked look that this number was so low. Especially non-fasting. However, this makes me wonder if I am borderline hypoglycemic. I wonder now a very low blood glucose level plays into endurance sports like cycling. I may have to research that. But hey, I’m not at much risk at this point for diabetes I guess!

Body fat %: Last year 20.9. This year 20.7. I really question this number. My workmate and I went in together. He is nowhere near as fit as I am and you can see it visually. His percentage was 17%. I’ve read about the inaccuracies of these impedance type fat monitors and I’m guessing that’s what we are seeing here. I’m thinking there is no way I’m on the border of being out of the normal range at 5′10″ and 168 lbs. In fact, I’ve lost 7 lbs from last year’s test and added visual identifiable muscle mass. There is no way I should be the same body fat % as last year. So…I’m taking this number with a couple of salt grains. It would be interesting to be tested with a known accurate method.

Bone density: Last year -0.46. This year -0.86. This is a little concerning. Cycling is a notably bad sport for bone density. This seems like a pretty big drop over last year (although this was another impedance type machine). I already take calcium and vitamin D. I think I need to work on more weight bearing exercises. I need to be better about working my core anyway and it will only help my cycling. So I need to do better at this. These just aren’t my favorite things to do. But I’d better get at it I think!

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