Lady Vols – Game 6

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The Lady Vols did it again and are still undefeated. Final score 48-18. While, as I mentioned in previous posts, it hardly seems fair as this team is so much bigger than the other teams they have played this season, it has been fun to watch the girls continue to improve and actually start to gel a little bit as a team. The season is about 4 games too short. It would really be cool to see them improve for another month. The improvements I really have noticed are passing the ball to teammates and better movement away from the all including setting screens for teammates. In prior seasons and earlier in this season the standard was for a player to dribble the ball all the way down the court and keep dribbling and dribbling and dribbling and get off a shot. Sometimes a wilds shot at that. It’s really cool to see the girls start to play less selfishly and in a more heads up manner.

I was especially proud of Leah on one trip down the court. She brought the ball down and crossed over in front of her defender at about mid court and drove to the left. As her defender moved to cut her off and try to steal the ball she picked up the ball and pivoted to protect the ball and continued per pivot around her defender and delivered a perfect bounce pass to a teammate streaking down the lane. It was a beautiful assist which showed she actually listened and learned a little bit from ol’ Dad on Friday afternoon where we worked on these very skills at the Williamson County Rec Center. That might have been my highlight of the season right there!

I was also very proud of Leah on how she handled herself against an opponent that was playing her aggressively (and hanging all over her with no fouls being called). Leah ended up turning her backside on this girl and posting her up with a vengeance. At one point this girl was pushing up on her an Leah turned into her to post her up and they both tumbled onto the floor. She’s had enough ;) . In fact she earned herself and offense star award for this posting up even though she didn’t score a lot of points. It’s good to see Leah “get tough” a little bit this year. I think this is one of the areas where Leah really has shown great improvement this year. Good job sweetie pie! Unofficially, I think Leah ended up with 4 pts, several rebounds and a few steals. How’s that for exact stats! :D

Great job Leah and Lady Vols! One more game left this Saturday.

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