Lady Vols – Game 7. Last Game Of The Season

The Lady Vols finished out their season the way they started it with a convincing victory and ended undefeated for the season. 7 wins 0 losses.  I always get a little sad at the last game of the season. We have such a good time going and watching Leah play and my small mind has finally learned all of the girls’ names. Now I’ll have to relearn more names next year! The Lady Vols, once again, towered over their competition. This was a rematch of game 3 and the result was similar. The final score ended up 44-4. Leah played a great game. She pulled down a bunch of rebounds, had a few steals and was able to contribute 10 points, many of which were from offensive rebounds.

I’m very proud of her once again. She really seems to have blossomed over the last few weeks. She was posting up, boxing out, scooping up loose balls and pulling down rebounds just like we have talked about and worked on all season. It really seems to be gelling. We went and watched some friends’ daughter play in the Tennessee High School Regional Tournaments and rather than just messing around she was actually WATCHING the game. How cool is that. She wants to go back again tomorrow night! Maybe she’s getting a little inspired!

Tonight is the Upward Basketball celebration night to cap off the season. Should be fun AND sad all at the same time. Congrats Lady Vols on a great season!

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