Training pretty good this week

Well, since we are going out of town AGAIN this weekend I will not get a chance for a ride on Saturday. Saturdays are usually my only chance to get a long training ride in and often accounts for half of my training time on the bike. SO РI had a goal this week to get 5 hours of training in. Official total is 4:54:05. Close enough.

The cool thing about this week is I got to start riding outside in the morning again. I started hitting up all of my typical moring routes. WOW! What a difference from last fall. I am consistently 1-2 mph faster than I was 6 or 7 months ago. While that’s, apparently (see previous race post), not fast enough I am still pleased at the progress. If I can add another 1-2 mph by this time next year I might actually be able to keep up with the pack in races next year! LOL

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