Training – month of July

Wasn’t a great month for training hours. Due to travel. I especially missed out on my longer Saturday rides. Although the weekends were fun family time! CTL (fitness level) dropped from 79 at the beginning of the month to a low of 60 by the end of our vacation trip to Northern WI. Even though I road some on vacation I wasn’t able to get in quite as much intensity and/or long duration rides. I managed to bump the CTL back up to 67 by 7/31. The good news is that my fatigue level was low so I am able to ramp up the intensity/duration again for a while.

July totals:

350.36 miles, 20:58:27, 12530 ft ascent, 192.5 watts avg power, 146 bpm avg hr, 16029 calories. Beginning CTL 79, Ending CTL 67.

Looking to raise my CTL to 80 or above by the end of August

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