Training week ended 8/15/2009

This ended a good training week. I’m trying to boost my fitness for the Sunrise Century ride on 9/5. I’d like to finish it in under 5.5 hours (really shooting for 5:20-5:25) of riding time. Not sure if the fitness is there yet. But I’m giving it a heck of a try. On a good note. This is the biggest non-vacation week I’ve ever put in on the bike. That felt pretty good!

170.6 miles 9:28:26, 6122 ft ascent, 201 watts avg power, 144 bpm avg hr, 7428 calories.

Ended the week with CTL (fitness) of 81 (higher is better)  and TSB (training balance) of -22 (negative means more training fatigue)

Now to try to pump that CTL up over 85 by the end of next week so I can taper some, get my TSB back to the positive side and keep my CTL over 80. That’s the goal.

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