New family toy

Well, as I finished the 100 mile ride last Saturday I crossed the finish line to the cheering of Nancy and Leah. I noticed Leah was sitting on a bike. Well I hobbled over exhausted and bleeding (see story in my training blog) from the ride and crash and there were some guys selling an old tandem bike for $200. We had been discussing getting a tandem for Leah to ride on the back so we could do some longer rides together. So, we ran to a cash station and loaded it up in the van (with the help of the nice gentlemen that were selling it because my shoulder was racked up from the crash and I couldn’t lift anything.

It is an older (guessing mid 80’s) Nishiki tandem. Not in bad shape. It is functional with some rust spots. But the the frame and paint mostly looks pretty darn good. Leah and I went out and gave he a bath today with the help of her friend from across the street. We named her Niki.

Here she is:




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