My first ever bicycle race

I entered my first bike race today. 24 mile Sumner County Classic Road Race. Sorry, no pictures. It was kind of chilly and wet so I pretty much finished up and got into dry cloths. I don’t know my exact results yet. I didn’t make the top 20 which were posted at the race sight so I don’t know my exact placing. I DO know that there was at least one person behind me. So…I finished and I wasn’t DFL (Dead…Last). Is it better if you abbrevieate it LOL? That’s jus how everyone knows it!

Anyway, I learned some things about racing┬átoday…

1. I REALLY need to increase my fitness if I actually want to “race”. I basically just did a fast solo ride today :D
2. I need to learn to “suffer” more early on the bike to keep up with the pack
3. I need to warm up better. I couldn’t keep pace early and got “dropped”. However, it seemed I was able to push harder later. Too later!
4. You don’t have to worry about crashing with other racers if you get dropped :D .
5. There are other 46 year old Cat 5 racers. Yay!
6. I’m not very artsy craftsy. Pinning my numbers on was one of the hardest things about the race :D
7. Despite finishing toward the bottom. Racing is still fun!

Now…when is the next race!

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