Training – two weeks ended 9/12/2009

Been a bit busy so I haven’t posted my weekly summary for a couple of weeks. Week ended 9/5 ended with the Sunrise Century in Clarksville, TN. I had a goal of finishing in 5:20:00 saddle time and under 6:00:00 total time. I crashed at mile 82 of the 100 miles (more details in my training blog) but was still able to exceed my goals. Total saddle time 5:06:36 (19.6 mph avg) and total time of 5:59:41 (would have been at least a 2-3 minutes quicker – maybe more without the crash).  Stats for the week:

138.92 miles, 7:17:14, 3138 ft ascent, 219 watts avg power, 146 bpm avg hr, 6225 calories.

Week ended 9/12/2009 was pretty low training time while my shoulder and road rash healed. My shoulder finally felt good enought to get out on Friday so I got a Friday morning and a Saturday ride in.

55.76 miles 3:04:08, 2442 ft ascent, 217 watts avg power, 146 bpm avg hr, 2593 calories. Ended the week with a CTL of 79 and TSB of 4.

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