Training – two weeks ended 9/12/2009

Been a bit busy so I haven’t posted my weekly summary for a couple of weeks. Week ended 9/5 ended with the Sunrise Century in Clarksville, TN. I had a goal of finishing in 5:20:00 saddle time and under 6:00:00 total time. I crashed at mile 82 of the 100 miles (more details in my training blog) but was still able to exceed my goals. Total saddle time 5:06:36 (19.6 mph avg) and total time of 5:59:41 (would have been at least a 2-3 minutes quicker – maybe more without the crash).  Stats for the week:

138.92 miles, 7:17:14, 3138 ft ascent, 219 watts avg power, 146 bpm avg hr, 6225 calories.

Week ended 9/12/2009 was pretty low training time while my shoulder and road rash healed. My shoulder finally felt good enought to get out on Friday so I got a Friday morning and a Saturday ride in.

55.76 miles 3:04:08, 2442 ft ascent, 217 watts avg power, 146 bpm avg hr, 2593 calories. Ended the week with a CTL of 79 and TSB of 4.

New family toy

Well, as I finished the 100 mile ride last Saturday I crossed the finish line to the cheering of Nancy and Leah. I noticed Leah was sitting on a bike. Well I hobbled over exhausted and bleeding (see story in my training blog) from the ride and crash and there were some guys selling an old tandem bike for $200. We had been discussing getting a tandem for Leah to ride on the back so we could do some longer rides together. So, we ran to a cash station and loaded it up in the van (with the help of the nice gentlemen that were selling it because my shoulder was racked up from the crash and I couldn’t lift anything.

It is an older (guessing mid 80’s) Nishiki tandem. Not in bad shape. It is functional with some rust spots. But the the frame and paint mostly looks pretty darn good. Leah and I went out and gave he a bath today with the help of her friend from across the street. We named her Niki.

Here she is:




Training week ended 8/29/2009

Taper week 1. Went a little hard on the Saturday ride and set a personal best for aparticular course. Couldn’t help myself and it felt good!

Here are the numbers:

107.81 miles, 5:46:35, 4509 ft ascent, 222 watts avg power, 148 bpm avg hr, 5000 calories.

CTL (fitness level) is now at 82 and TSB (balance between fitness and fatigue) is -14.

The plan for next week is to take it  easy. Try to keep the CTL as close to 80 as possible and let the TSB float up into the positive. I’ll probably take some easyish rides on Monday and Wednesday morning and then stay off the bike after that until the event on Saturday.

Training week ended 8/22/2009

Finshed the week off with a CTL of 82 and TSB at -19. I am in the taper phase for my target event (Sunrise Century on 9/5). The goal for the taper over the next two weeks is to try to keep my CTL (fitness) up to 80+ and get the TSB (training strass) to at least 0 or higher (negative means fatigue and positive means rested). Not sure if I’ll be able to walk that line or not. I will error on the side of getting rested as opposed to adding more training stress.

Totals for the week are as follows:

125.3 miles, 6:52:44, 4767 ft ascent, 208 watts avg power, 146 bpm avr hr, 5566 calories.

Training week ended 8/15/2009

This ended a good training week. I’m trying to boost my fitness for the Sunrise Century ride on 9/5. I’d like to finish it in under 5.5 hours (really shooting for 5:20-5:25) of riding time. Not sure if the fitness is there yet. But I’m giving it a heck of a try. On a good note. This is the biggest non-vacation week I’ve ever put in on the bike. That felt pretty good!

170.6 miles 9:28:26, 6122 ft ascent, 201 watts avg power, 144 bpm avg hr, 7428 calories.

Ended the week with CTL (fitness) of 81 (higher is better)  and TSB (training balance) of -22 (negative means more training fatigue)

Now to try to pump that CTL up over 85 by the end of next week so I can taper some, get my TSB back to the positive side and keep my CTL over 80. That’s the goal.

Training – month of July

Wasn’t a great month for training hours. Due to travel. I especially missed out on my longer Saturday rides. Although the weekends were fun family time! CTL (fitness level) dropped from 79 at the beginning of the month to a low of 60 by the end of our vacation trip to Northern WI. Even though I road some on vacation I wasn’t able to get in quite as much intensity and/or long duration rides. I managed to bump the CTL back up to 67 by 7/31. The good news is that my fatigue level was low so I am able to ramp up the intensity/duration again for a while.

July totals:

350.36 miles, 20:58:27, 12530 ft ascent, 192.5 watts avg power, 146 bpm avg hr, 16029 calories. Beginning CTL 79, Ending CTL 67.

Looking to raise my CTL to 80 or above by the end of August

My new bike carrier

We are getting ready to head to Minocqua, WI for our extended family vacation that we take every other. The whole clan will be there. Well, I started cycling just over 2 years ago and last time we went I had a hard time figuring out how to carry our bikes up there as we have a hitch rack to carry bikes that won’t work when we are dragging the boat along. Two years ago I ended up just tossing the bikes in the bottom of the boat and hoping for the best. Weeeelll since I bought my new (more expensive) road bike I really did not want it to be rattling around with three other bikes in the bottom of the boat. Sooooo, I built myself some fork mount racks with a couple of 2×4’s and fork mounts that could be screwed into the 2×4’s. Now all of the bikes are just standing up so nicely ready to be transported safely to our destination! YAY! Here is what it looks like. Ain’t it pretty :D

From the back

Boat bike rack - back

Boat bike rack - back


From the front

Boat bke rack - front

Boat bke rack - front

A really nice long weekend trip over the 4th

My daughter Leah and I took a long weekend and headed up to La Crosse, WI to spend time with all of her Grandparents. It was my Father-in-Law’s Birthday on the 4th (yep he’s a firecracker alright) and we love to go to Riverfest in La Crosse and eat like little piggies and enjoy the fireworks. It was a hectic but still very nice weekend.  Here are a few highlights.

The grand finale of the fireworks on the 4th. They shoot them off over the Mississippi River. It’s beautiful

Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel made an appearance at Riverfest

Leah “needed” a dog visor

Leah "needed" a dog visor

Leah "needed" a dog visor

Celebrating Grandpa Martin’s Birthday
78 years olld 2009

78 years olld 2009

Leah got to snuggle with Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel
Leah and Twiggy Riverfest 2009

Leah and Twiggy Riverfest 2009

Training – Week ended 7/4/2009

A pretty dismal week trainingwise due to travel. I ended up with only just short of 3 hours. Better than nothing I guess. Here are the totals for the week.

54.28 miles, 2:53:45, 1846 ft climbing, 213 watts avg power, 142 bpm avg hr, 2422 calories

Next week won’t be a whole lot better due to more traveling

Week ended 6/27/2009 & month of June

I took it easy during the week after big miles (for me) last week. Plus I new I had a hot century ride coming up on Saturday. You can read more about that ride on my training blog .  Also ended June with my biggest month ever in miles and hours on the  bike. It feels good to see those numbers pile up! See below.

Last week

117.08 miles, 7:10:02, 5923 ft ascent, 173 watts avg power, 150 bpm avg hr, 5043 calories

Month of June

546.55 miles, 32:19:03, 21540 ft ascent, 189 watts avg power, 144 bpm avg hr, 24,406 calories